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Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres Improvise A Pixar Scene

Arin Spits / September 29, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres had special guest, Tom Hanks, join her show and it was absolutely magical. The highlight of the two started off when it was mentioned that Tom had already been working on Toy Story 4 playing the voice of the iconic Toy Story character, Woody.


Tom quickly got the audience to visualize and bring the character of Dory (Finding Nemo, Finding Dory) to life, by having the audience close their eyes while Ellen was speaking.


Soon enough Tom suggested having a “Pixar-off” with the two conversing in an improvised scene as the audience closed their eyes. It was magic as the two went back and forth speaking in their unique voices that fans can easily and only associate with these two beloved Pixar characters.


Source: Screenrant


After Woody and Dory’s improvised scene was over, Tom and Ellen shared about the hard work that goes into playing the voice behind these animated characters, that most viewers would never see or know about.


The two stars described the lengthy recording sessions that are not as easy as they might seem, as they’d have to do countless takes repeating the same lines and even sound effects over and over again. It definitely was eye opening to viewers and gives us fans more of an appreciation for the voice actors behind these characters.


In the end, Ellen revealed one method that she had to do to prevent her from having a dry mouth, that not even Tom knew about. There’s no plans for a crossover movie between Toy Story and Finding Dory, but this was definitely a treat for the fans.


You can see Tom Hanks on The Ellen Show here in the video below.



Featured image via Warner Bros (Michael Rozman)