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Vet And Service Dog Hired At Lowe’s

Arin Spits / December 17, 2016

There are very few tragedies greater than that of a veteran coming home and being met with a world that seemingly has no respect or need for them. Veterans go from fighting for the freedoms of people, both domestic and abroad, to fighting for the right to live a fulfilling life.


Countless veterans face unthinkable hardships when they hang up their boots and attempt to reintegrate themselves into the post service world. A lack of adequate physical and mental healthcare is one of the main issues plaguing vets and the number of homeless service men and women is at a record high.  


There are also a number of former soldiers who are in need of a little bit more help than others. While some face daily pain as a result of  injuries sustained overseas, others suffer from the mental impact that war and traumatic violence has taken on their minds. One thing that can help make things easier for these men and women is the use of a trained service animal.



This latest heartfelt story comes straight out of Abilene, Texas. A woman named Judy Dechart Rose was shopping at a Lowes hardware store when she saw something that stood out. She posted this image to her Facebook page which ignited a social media wildfire.


Clay Luthy is a former member of the U.S. Air Force and was deployed twice in Qatar and three times in Uzbekistan. After multiple knee surgeries and a complete reconstruction, the Air Force would not allow him to reenlist.



Luthy had been looking for somewhere to work that would be a good fit for both him and his 10-year old yellow lab, Charlotte. His wife suggested to him, “Well, you’re at Lowes so much anyway you might as well try and get a job there.” And that’s exactly what happened. The man that hired Clay, Jay Fellers, told reporters that Luthy earned the job, that he’s the best fit for the job, and that the regular customers all love that the pair have been working there for the last 2 months.


Luthy stated, “I found a way to have a productive life and my prescription is four-legged.” He went on to explain that Charlotte was never intended to be a service dog and he got her when she was just a puppy. It wasn’t until years later into their relationship that Clay realized that Charlotte had been trying to alert him when issues were about to arise.


One of the more heartwarming elements of this story is the custom Lowe’s work vest Clay had made for Charlotte. On some days Clay and Charlotte have another guest with them, Lola the lab, the dog who will eventually take over Charlotte’s post.


We’re happy to see that Clay, Charlotte, and Lola were all warmly welcomed into the Lowe’s family with open arms. It would be nice to see more of this kind of thing – not just for vets.