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Viral Video Of The Week – Post Dentist Madness

Arin Spits / September 28, 2016

Everyone loves a good viral video. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Some will make you laugh and some make you cry. There’s those that can fill you with a sense of pride and others send you in a boiling rage. We’re going to take a look at some of these videos.


First up are the types of videos that will make you want to facepalm while you shake your head and chuckle. Trips to the dentist generally suck. But when it’s not you getting your face ripped to pieces and you’re just along for the ride… then things can get interesting to say the least.


When the painkillers and laughing gas get people feeling giddy, they just start saying the darndest things. In the featured video, you’ll find a compilation of some hilarious post dental work hijinks that’ll be sure to have you busting a gut. Be warned though, not everything that comes out of the mouths of these doped up dopes is entirely PG. That being said, grab yourself some popcorn and put your feet up and get ready to laugh at the absurdity that is post dentist trips home.