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Want A Free Copy Of Far Cry 4?

Steve Porter / February 1, 2018

Attention PS4 Owners! Are you feeling the crunch on your wallet as we make our way out of the holiday season? Looking for something to play but you are strapped for cash? Do you also need to renew your playstation Plus subscription? Well look no further.



For a limited time users who purchase a 12 month subscription for PS Plus will receive a number of perks like: Access to upcoming games, Discounts, 6 FREE GAMES EVERY MONTH and MORE! Like a digital copy of the award winning 4th instalment in Ubisoft’s hugely successful, Far Cry franchise.



Following the other titles in the FARCRY universe it’s a first person shooter with RPG elements where a young man named Ajay Ghale finds himself embroiled in a epic civil war on the fictional island of Kyrat. Run, Jump, Dive and Drive.  Cars, boats and aircraft. Use shotguns, Sniper rifles, Throwing knives, Bows, rocket launches and more to make your mark on the people of Kyrat.



Don’t think you can cash in on this killer deal just because you cheaped out and went for the one or three month PS Plus packages. Go big. After purchasing your 12 month subscription you will see “Far Cry 4: Standard Edition” appear in your library. Note- It may take as long as 7 days for it to appear. Worry not so long as you make your purchase before the offer expires (10 am February 12th) you are good to go. If you get started now you’ll probably be done just in time for Far cry 5 to hit the stores which is is set for release on March 27th, 2018.