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Watch A Polar Bear Pet His Canine Buddy

Steve Porter / November 26, 2016

A little while ago, a video surfaced that showed a massive polar bear displaying what can only be described as curious, and even gentle, behavior. The event took place somewhere in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, where a bear approached and then sat down behind a young, chained up husky, and the pair briefly gazed out at the water.


Surprisingly, the apex predator did not show any aggression or hostility towards the little pup, almost as if the two were a couple of old friends. They would share an even more tender moment just seconds later. Just as you think it’s all over for the husky when the bear reaches up for the dog’s head, the bear just gives it a gentle pat instead. Not once either, but multiple times with both of its front paws. The dog doesn’t seem to mind and it’s not even phased or afraid of the much bigger animal. It’s a crazy thing to watch and makes us wonder why the camera operator did not seem more concerned. How would you react to seeing something like this?



Upon further investigation, it’s been uncovered that the property where the video was filmed is actually an Eskimo dog sanctuary and the videographer who captured the video was a man by the name of David de Muelles. As it turns out, the bear had been coming by for months to get food that had been left out for it by property owner, Brian Ladoon. Unfortunately for Ladoon, feeding bears was a strict violation of Manitoba’s Endangered Species and Ecosystem Act.


Sadly, more news has came out that in the days following the video, another husky at the sanctuary was killed by a polar bear in the exact same spot where the viral video had been filmed. No news as to whether it was the same pair from the video, but authorities have announced that they have removed three more bears from the area without harm. Ladoon also stated that on the night of the attack, it was the only night that he did not leave out food for the bears. Sadly, he created a system where the bears would be expecting to be fed, and because of that, a husky met its untimely demise.


Featured image via: ABC News