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Watch This Beautiful Video Of A Drone Flying Through Tight Spaces

Shelby Chau / December 12, 2016

Attention all drone operators! If you want to make amazing drone-captured footage, you might want to take a page out of this filmmaker’s latest video titled “Fresh Squeeze.” The location? You might recognize it as Venice Beach’s skate park, but the video will probably take you to heights and angles you’ve never seen before.




Now, first of all, the video is played backwards and it’s not a camera mounted facing the rear. You will notice the guy riding his bike in reverse at the 0:30 sec mark which is a dead giveaway. According to LAist, the footage has to be stabilized first before being reversed. Good to know!


What’s also cool about this video is the variety of tight spaces that the drone has to navigate.




At the 0:09 sec mark it flies through a bicycle opening, at the 0:22 sec mark it goes through a hole in a concrete slab, and then there’s some close fly-bys and railings to avoid.


So, how did Robert McIntosh do it? Apparently, the footage comes from a GoPro Hero 4 – but he did have to modify it a bit. In order to save weight, he pretty much stripped the GoPro down to its bare bones before mounting it on a micro quadcopter and the only protection for the camera was a protective shell made of foam. Not bad Robert, not bad!


Featured image via vimeo