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We’re Getting a Jersey Shore Reunion – Kinda

Arin Spits / November 30, 2017

Geez, is this real life? MTV will be bringing back the cast of Jersey Shore and calling the reunion series Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of interested to see what kind of nonsense these people can get themselves into now.


We’ve only been five years removed from the group that brought us acronyms like GTL and DTF, but don’t you want to see how everyone’s doing? We might not get the same drunken, idiotic and often times hilarious escapades of Pauly D, Mike The Situation, Ronnie, Funny, J-Woww, Snook, Deena, and Sammi – but it could still be a nice escape from real life, right?


However, Jersey Shore Family Vacation will actually not have Sammi back, for better or worse. Find me one person who enjoyed the on- again, off-again relationship with Ronnie and ill just reply with, “Staaaaap it.” In fact, she was the only one who didnt want to return and actually stated that she didnt want to be around Ronnie. Good job.


Mike will be around, but he still hasn’t been sentenced to prison for tax evasion. Good time to get drunk and hit the beach?


What are your thoughts? Will you be watching? Let us know, it’ll be our little secret!


Featured image via cbc