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When Celebrities Become Violent! Here Are The 25 Most Shocking Celebrity Fights

Shelby Chau / March 24, 2017

A few days ago, Louis Tomlinson of the former boy band One Direction was arrested after being caught on camera furiously confronting a photographer before man-handling a female fan to the floor at the Los Angeles Airport! If this bewildering news prompted you to curse the musician and use the “F” word against celebrity violence, just know that you aren’t alone. This was proof enough that anyone, including the rich and famous, has a tipping point.


Before we get into that, let’s note that being a celebrity means they have many strange characteristics. One of these characteristics is their big and utterly pampered egos. Whenever celebrities feel that their egos have been tarnished – especially by anybody they feel is of a lesser class, they act negatively and, in most cases, angrily. On the same note, when they feel that they have been blemished by a fellow celebrity or an individual with perchance an even greater personality or wealth, it more than often results in celebrity beefs!


Well, to many, celebrity feuds and fights can be unbelievably entertaining. In this case, however, we aren’t talking about those good-for-nothing Twitter or Instagram exchanges, but rather when things get out of hand and things get a little too aggressive and physical! That’s precisely why we aren’t going to talk about those ‘little’ social media beefs such as the one between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift (that’s little girls’ stuff), but here we’re about shocking and violent fights where one of the parties involved was famous.


Which one do you think is the most enthralling? Leave a comment and tell us about it as well as any fight that you think we might have left out.


25. Lil Wayne and a Super Bowl Cameraman



Lil Wayne doesn’t like being touched. Doing that makes him extremely angry and you’d be in serious trouble, just like this one cameraman found out back in 2013. Weezy was having fun in a pre-Super Bowl celebrity game in New Orleans when a DirectTV cameraman did the mistake of touching the New Orleans-born rapper! Weezy got into a shouting match with the cameraman before he was pulled off.


At one moment, the cameraman attempted to apologize, but that wasn’t enough to appease the clearly livid rapper. He could be heard shouting, “Look at me when you apologize!” Wayne chose to leave the DTV SuperFan Stadium after the game was put on hold for the fear that the issue could escalate, but that was before he explained. “One of these cameramen has just pushed me and I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t tell to touch me.” Got it?