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Which $100 Gaming Console Should You Buy?

Steve Porter / December 10, 2016

Not everyone can afford (or wants) the newest generation of gaming consoles for $299 USD. However, the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 are currently more affordable than what they were when they first launched, which was $499 USD and $399 USD, respectively.


What if you don’t want to spend that much? What if you only want to spend, I don’t know, maybe $100? Well, YouTuber Austin Evans has made a great video to compare three options for you – the PlayStation TV, the Nexus Player, and the Fire TV.


Since Sony has been dabbling in the gaming industry for years, it’s no surprise that their PS TV is the most gaming-focused product of the group. In the simplest terms, it’s like a PlayStation Vita that connects to your TV that you can control using your PS3 or PS4 controller. If you purchase the PS TV bundle, you’ll get a PS3 controller, a mini USB charging cable, an 8GB Vita memory card, and a LEGO Movie videogame which you can download via the supplied redemption code. Of course, there’s the PS TV unit itself, an HDMI cable, and a power adapter.




The Amazon Fire TV boasts of having a quad-core processor and a boatload of preloaded apps for your music, video, and gaming needs. Only a remote is included in the box when you buy it, but you can purchase a Fire TV controller afterwards. The Fire TV is largest unit of the three, but as a square, it still only measures 4.5 inches around with a 0.7 inch height.



Source: amazon


The last product, the Nexus Player, is the first device to be running Android TV which is based on Google’s Lollipop OS. It features an Intel quad-core Atom processor and while you can play games with the included remote, you might want to purchase the Nexus Player gamepad – but it is an extra $40 USD.



Source: ASUS


If it’s gaming that you want, you might be disappointed the the results. While PS Vita games look fine on a smaller screen, it doesn’t translate as well on a big screen TV. You may feel some latency on some games and there is also an issue if the game requires the use of front or back touchpads. While there are ways to work around this, it’s not an ideal solution. You do get a great selection of games to play on the PS TV though. This includes PS1, PSP, and PS3 games via PS Now.


While the Fire TV and Nexus Player don’t quite measure up on the gaming front, they are capable of outputting video at 1080p whereas the PS TV is limited to only 720p. The PS TV also won’t be able to use YouTube and Netflix apps – if that’s a deal breaker for you. YouTube runs best on the Nexus Player..




Austin chooses the Amazon Fire TV as his pick for best value. While it’s not as good in gaming as the PS TV, and not quite as slick as the Nexus Player’s UI, it’s a good compromise of both. If you’re looking for a device purely from a gaming standpoint though, the PS TV would be your best bet.


Featured image via YouTube (Austin Evans)