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Why Dave Navarro Wanted To See His Mother’s Killer

Ben Migono / December 11, 2016

Picture this for a moment. You’re 15 years old, your parents are divorced and today you’re staying over at your father’s place as per the custody arrangement. But on this night, your whole life will change. On this night, you learn that you will never see your mother alive again because she would be murdered inside her own home.


This happened to the lead guitarist of American rock band, Jane’s Addiction, Dave Navarro. His mother, Connie (Constance) Navarro, and her friend, Susan Jory, were both murdered by Connie’s jealous and psychotic ex-boyfriend on March 3, 1983.


Dave went into a tailspin and used drugs as an escape and coping mechanism for his mother’s death. Thirty-three years after the fact, Dave has turned the traumatic experience into a documentary titled, “Mourning Son.”



In the documentary, Dave decided to face his mother’s killer in prison. It took 8 years before authorities were able to capture Riccardi. Dave and his father were present for John Riccardi’s murder trial in 1990’s.


Dave appeared on the Dr. Phil show earlier this year to discuss the documentary and why he chose to go see Riccardi in prison. Part of the documentary was to find some closure, another reason was to raise awareness for those that are also suffering from domestic violence.




On the show, Dr. Phil explains that serious injuries and murders are more likely to happen in the two to three weeks after a ending an abusive relationship, more dangerous than at any other time in the relationship. This phenomenon is called separation assault.


Now, if you were in Dave Navarro’s shoes, do you think you could confront your mother’s killer?


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