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Dealing With Picky Eaters Is Easier Than You Think

Diana Rolland / September 28, 2016

I’ve always been a picky eater from childhood. Sharing a meal with others would be a nightmare, and I’d often find myself picking a lot of things out. Sometimes there would be too many things I didn’t like to eat, so I’d just tell people that I’m not hungry. Ordering a burger would have minimal toppings, and ordering a pizza with friends would be frustrating (for them).


Some friends have told me how frustrating it is to pick a place to eat, or a type of cuisine to go to, but as a picky eater, I see it the other way around. I see a lot of benefits from eating with a picky eater and that dealing with them doesn’t have to be so complicated or frustrating.


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Picky eaters know exactly what they want


What others would say: “There’s so many things you don’t like to eat!”
What I would say: “I’ve narrowed things down and I know exactly what foods I like”


It might take a bit of effort to remember and make mental notes (or actual notes) of what picky eaters will eat and won’t eat, but once you know what they like, it’ll be easier to pick which restaurant to go to, or what to eat.


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Picky eaters are willing to share with others


What others would say: “You’re picking out so much food, what a waste!”
What I would say: “Who wants some extra pickles? There’s lots to share”


If you’re the type that loves extra portions, ask your picky eater friend to order their food with the things they don’t plan on eating, on the side. Tomatoes, onions, pickles and whatever else can be shared and enjoyed by others, rather than being wasted.


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Picky eaters are generous


What others would say: “How can you not like chocolate? Are you out of your mind?”
What I would say: “I was going to offer it to you, but I’ll give it away to someone else.”


It’s always good to be a friend, and sometimes it pays out. Every Christmas I’ll receive chocolate as a gift, and as someone who doesn’t like chocolate, I’m always looking to give it away to friends and family.


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Picky eaters are thoughtful


What others would say: “So if someone got you bubble tea, you wouldn’t take it?”
What I would say: “No, but I would give it to someone who loves it.”


If I’m not going to enjoy it, I might as well give it to someone I know who does. You can be that someone.


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Picky eaters really enjoy what they love


What others would say: “You’re so picky, you don’t eat anything!”
What I would say: “If we went to a buffet, I could eat exactly what I want and have as much as I wanted!”


Choose a place that offers meals that are customizable or offers a variety on the menu. This way, your picky eater friend is bound to find something they can eat, and everyone gets something they want.


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Picky eaters are certain of what they want


What others would say: “I can’t believe you don’t eat that. You’re missing out!”
What I would say: “Well, you can’t miss out on something you don’t or can’t enjoy.”


There won’t be many foods you’ll be able to convince your picky eater friend to try, so be happy for the times they do try, and don’t be disappointed if they don’t enjoy it. It’s quite the feat.


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Picky eaters know how to avoid potential disasters


What others would say: “Maybe if you try eating more of it, you’ll eventually like it”
What I would say: “Maybe…. but maybe not.”


Meals are made to be enjoyed and though picky eaters have a special and particular taste palette for food, they ought to enjoy their meal as well, even if it’s missing some ingredients, or tastes more bland. Let them enjoy it.


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Picky eaters can be competitive-spirited


What others would say: “Wow, you’re even pickier than so-and-so!”
What I would say: “WHAT?! I’m not THAT picky!”


Some picky eaters may get offended that they’re compared to others, especially when they feel that they aren’t THAT bad when it comes to being picky.


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Picky eaters are proud and unashamed


What others would say: “You’re the pickiest eater I know!”
What I would say: “Yes and I’m proud of it!”


But most are just proud of who they are and take pride in standing out.


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This article only applies to adults. If you’re dealing with children, then it’s a whole other ball game, but I’d suggest that children should try everything at least once before they’re allowed to complain. Good luck!