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Why Was Charles Oakley Thrown Out Of Madison Square Garden?

Arin Spits / February 9, 2017

Any New York Knick fan will know of Charles Oakley, an iconic player from the 1990s team – you know, when they were actually good – but somehow he was in the stands on Wednesday, Feb. 8th and apparently got in a shoving match with arena security which got him handcuffed and escorted out of the stadium.


This story is bizarre, but at least it takes some light off of the Knicks (who lost 119-115 to the Clippers by the way).



From the video taken by Ian Schafer, it looks like security surrounded Oakley before things escalated. Oakley can be seen pushing security guards until he was dragged out. According to Oakley, he purchased the ticket and should have been allowed to watch the game like any other fan. [edit: he later acknowledged someone else did]  However, team owner James Dolan was sitting right in front of him. The two of them have a rocky relationship so security thought it would be best to ask Oakley why he was there.



According to the New York Daily News who spoke to Oakley, he says that Dolan didn’t want him there so security asked him to leave. When he wouldn’t comply, that’s when things escalated. Oakley claims he never spoke a word to Dolan. It’s a shame that the player who played for the team for 10 years had to be treated this way, even the Knicks Twitter account threw him under the bus:



For his troubles, Oakley picked up some assault charges and even one for criminal trespassing.