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Woman Spends $500 To Save A Goldfish?

Steve Porter / October 20, 2016


People love the companionship that pets offer. To some, nothing is better than snuggling up on the couch with your cat or dog and binge watching an entire season of That 70’s Show on Netflix. We love our pets as if they were actual HUMAN members of our family and when they fall under the weather or get injured, we often react accordingly. Anyone that has ever had a sick animal knows how pricey vet bills can get. This  forces some people to really contemplate the financial burden of saving their loved one versus the tragic idea of “letting them go”.



A woman in Australia rushed her pet goldfish to the emergency pet rescue clinic in Brisbane after she noticed that it had inhaled a small pebble from the floor of its aquarium and it became lodged in its little throat. With the aid of some sedation and the gentle maneuvering of a set or forceps, the veterinary technician was able to wiggle the obstruction clear and the little guy (or girl) was given a clean bill of health and taken home.


What do you think about that? Would you spend $500 to save an animal that cost you about the same if not less than a single cup of coffee?


Featured image via: goldfishvet