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Wonder Woman Continues To Amaze In Second Box Office Week

Shelby Chau / June 14, 2017

In last week’s debut, Wonder Woman grossed over $223 million in it’s opening weekend and the film was still performing well in its second week. This past weekend, Wonder Woman dropped only 43% to retain the number 1 spot with $57.2 million. Over the superhero film’s first two weeks on screen, it has already earned $205 million domestically in the US.


Tom Cruise’s The Mummy had a terrible debut in the US, opening with just $32.2 million, but his overseas performance was much, much better. In fact, The Mummy has become Cruise’s largest international opening ever, taking in $141.8 million.


Going back to Wonder Woman, there are plenty of positive signs for the film and the good news just keeps rolling in. Everyone expects a film to drop off after its opening weekend, but Gal Gadot and co. has already outperformed better in its second week than films like Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad and Man of Steel.


Where as Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Man of Steel saw drops of 69%, 67%, and 65%, respectively, Wonder Woman managed to achieve the second lowest drop from week 1 to week 2 for a superhero film behind only 2002’s Spider-Man.


Still think this is a fluke? I think not.


Featured image via Warner Bros.