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Wonder Woman Is The Superhero The DC Universe Was Waiting For

Shelby Chau / June 6, 2017

Forget Batman, forget Superman, Wonder Woman is where it’s at. Not only does this movie feature a female superhero in the lead role, it also features a female director and together the pairing has broken box office records this past opening weekend.


Before the movie even launched, analysts estimated that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman would take in a $65 million haul over opening weekend. But as opening day neared, positive reviews of the film spread and those estimates went up to $75 million three weeks prior to opening weekend and then jumped up to $90 million just a few days before it opened in the UK on June 1 and in the US on June 2.



As the weekend came to a close, the film’s total earnings surpassed even the best estimates. Variety reported that the latest venture by Warner Bros. and DC Comics took home $100.5 million domestically and $122.5 million internationally, which gives the film a grand total of $223 million over opening weekend.


With its success, director Patty Jenkins now holds the title of best domestic opening for a female director, surpassing Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey‘s opening of $85.1 million.


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Featured image via metro.co.uk (DC Comics/Warner Bros)