Spoutly Is Not Malware

As technology becomes more and more ingrained into our everyday lives, we need to be wary of what we put onto our computers and devices. You may also want to second guess yourself before going to a less-than reputable website. If you’ve ever had malware installed on your computer, you will understand. Sometimes you try and try to remove something, but your efforts are rendered useless. In fact, you may have at one point thought that Spoutly was malware. We can guarantee you that it is not. In fact, it’s very easy to install and uninstall at anytime!


MALWARE can be defined as software designed to interfere with a computer’s normal functioning (Merriam-Webster).



Spoutly was created to bring people closer together. It helps them stay in touch with family members and friends by offering calls to any cell phone and landline number in the USA and Canada – for FREE! We assure you that no malware will be present when you install or uninstall the application.


But that’s not all, there’s tons of content available on the app as well. You can watch daily videos to get caught up on a variety of topics.


Food, Health and Wellness



Food and health go hand-in-hand, but sometimes you just want a delicious recipe to try (your workout can be done later to burn off those additional calories). We’ll have those for you, but we’ll also have videos to advise and educate you on the topics of wellness – both mentally and physically. Some of the videos may touch upon issues that anyone can be dealing with such as stress, diabetes, and addiction.





If you like professional sports, especially those that go beyond US borders, we’ve got the news to keep you satisfied. There’s already plenty of coverage for leagues like the the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL. If your preferences go beyond just basketball, hockey, baseball and football, that’s where we come in. FIFA news, tennis, mma, and boxing are just some of the sports that are covered on Spoutly.





This is your chance to indulge in some wild stories from some of the biggest names in showbiz. Whether it’s a recent celebrity death or a new hollywood scandal, you’ll be best person to talk to at your next watercooler meeting. You’ll find news on movie stars, television celebrities, musicians, athletes, and more.


Movie Trailers



Here’s your chance to see which films are starring your favorite celebrities. While some of these motion pictures are in theaters, we’ll also have some of the most anticipated trailers to prepare you for what’s coming to a big screen near you.


Science Says Taking A Break Is Good For You


For appearances sake, you may choose not to take breaks at work because of the fear of looking like you’re slacking off. Coworkers with heavier workloads could start to resent you and your boss might think you’re not pulling your weight, and then you could look expendable. Well, we’re here to tell you that taking a break isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, there are multiple benefits associated with taking breaks.


Here’s 3 reasons why taking breaks are beneficial for you:


1. They keep you focused



What? How does taking a break keep you more focused you ask? It’s simple, really. When you’re completing your tasks (especially if they’re routine and mundane) you will get bored. Think about it, when you’re doing the same things over and over again, it’s impossible to maintain the same vigor when you first started the task. This could be a mental roadblock or a physical one. When you hit this point, you’ll slow down, and thus, your productivity suffers.


Don’t worry though, when this happens, you’re not alone. In fact, humans just aren’t good at focusing for long periods of time. This study showed that for people engaging in a task over an extended time period actually saw a performance dropoff when compared to people who took brief breaks over the same period.
The psychology professor who led the study from the the University of Illinois, Alejandro Lleras, stated that staying focused on the task at hand is actually improved by taking brief mental breaks. This is helpful when studying for a big test or trying to file your taxes on time – every break helps!


2. They’re important for information retention and forming connections



Your brain can function in two modes. There’s the “focused mode” and the “diffuse mode.” Your brain is in “focused mode” when you’re trying to learn something new, trying to write, or when you’re working in general. On the flipside, when you’re daydreaming for example, your brain is in “diffuse mode.”


Now, you might be thinking that your brain should be in “focused mode” 100% of the time when working on a task. You’re wrong – especially if you’re trying to learn.


Have you ever had that eureka moment in the shower when you’ve finally solved a problem that you’ve been thinking about all day? There’s a reason for that.


A University of British Columbia study actually shows that when your mind is wandering, it’s actually in a more active state than when focused on routine tasks.


To translate this into your everyday life, when posed with a complex problem, it might not be a bad idea to switch to a simpler task to let your mind drift a bit. Your brain will still be working even when you don’t think it is!


3. They will help you to reevaluate your goals



We’re told to take breaks, but many people still believe that it’s best to put their heads down and not stop until the task at hand is completed.


While the attitude is commendable, as stated above, our brains just aren’t designed to handle that kind of extended focus. Think about it, you come into work in the morning, get off to a great start, and then somewhere along the line, productivity just seems to hit a roadblock.


It happens to everyone, and you’re no exception.


This 2011 study focused on another benefit of taking breaks, and that is goal reactivation. When you’re working, it’s very easy to become unfocused and lose track of why you’re actually doing what you’re doing. Taking breaks will let your brain refocus back to your original goal. By doing so, you stay on top of your objectives and as the study reports, contribute to better performance.


Because breaks are so important, Spoutly is designed to give you that break. It’ll be just enough to give your brain some much needed rest, but if our program is not functioning in the way it was intended, we can guarantee that in a few simple steps, you can remove it in just a matter of seconds.


You might be thinking, “BUT I TRIED – SO IT MUST BE MALWARE!” Is it because you are seeing this message?




If so, this means Spoutly is still running – and because it is running – you need to shut it down completely. You do not need to install other malware detectors or malware-removal tools. If you install such programs, they might actually put more malware on your system. Legitimate programs will not remove Spoutly because Spoutly is not a malware. You may, however, want to check for malware on your system if you experience slower than normal performance even after you remove Spoutly.


There’s only 3 steps you need to shut down Spoutly.


  1. Check to see all of the programs currently running on your system. You can do this easily by checking the area around the TIME/DATE area – and ALWAYS check the area for additional icons, this will help you identify programs currently open.
  2. Right-click on the purple icon
  3. Select “Shutdown”


It’s that simple!