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DJ Khaled Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver

Arin Spits / November 7, 2016

The video stars the one and only DJ Khaled donning one of the worst disguises ever. Posing as a Lyft driver named “Billy”, he wears a mechanic’s shirt with a stitched name tag that reads “Bill”. In his shades and cap, “Bill” sets out in “Undercover Mode” in New York and attempts to pick up fares. While some of his passengers notice and react accordingly right away, others, not so much.


At the beginning of the video you see Dj Khaled introduce himself to one of his customers,  “Hi there, what’s your name?”  “Gram,” replies the young man with a bewildered expression on his face. “My name’s Billy,” Khaled replies with a smirk. The look of confusion and shock on their faces when they climb in and see their driver is nothing short of priceless.



Some of the others weren’t as sharp though. One even exclaimed that she thought he was her sister’s boyfriend! Dj Khaled gets through the whole drive before revealing himself to the oblivious ones.


During each trip, Khaled  drops variations of his signature phrases like “The Keys to success” – because his alias, Billy, is a locksmith. Duh! Billy goes on to explain how he hates red lights because “They wanna slow us down! They wanna stop us!”.  He even goes as far as talking about himself and asking the passengers what they think of him. Khaled even gets one of the women to touch his beard. Exclaiming “I take great pride in it, I’m a sex symbol.”


Through all the code-laden small talk, Billy throws up hint after hint trying to see if he can help his passengers, but no one seems to clue in. It’s a fun video and good for a few laughs.


Featured image via: Youtube