Spoutly Is Not A Virus

The term virus is used by many people who fear that something has gone awry with their system. Your desktop computer or laptop may be running slower, programs taking longer to load, or maybe something is running that you’re not familiar with – and that scares you. But that’s ok! Spoutly may be a new program for some, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, nor should it be considered a virus. Trust us, it’s not!


Merriam-Webster has defined a VIRUS as a program that is designed to harm a computer by deleting data, ruining files, etc., and that can be spread secretly from one computer to another.


We assure you that Spoutly is a standalone application which would NEVER delete your data nor ruin your files as a result of installing our program. It can easily be found at our website at www.spoutly.com and can be installed and uninstalled at any time. You may be tempted to install a paid or free virus removal program to take Spoutly off your computer, but because Spoutly is not a virus at all, you may just be throwing money down the drain.



Spoutly was developed to help you stay up to date with current events by just having Spoutly running on your desktop. You won’t have to open another website again as we’ll have a variety of informative videos and articles flowing straight to your computer. Videos are updated daily and news stories are refreshed frequently so you’ll never be left in the dark again. You can get your choice of news over a wide range of categories, so no matter which stories grab your attention, you’ll be able to stay on top of what’s happening in the world.


Normally, a virus wants to gain control of your computer, but with Spoutly, you’re in control.


Entertainment/Movie Trailers



You’ll hear news about the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, but the news doesn’t stop there. There’s TV stars, artists, and if they’re popular enough, even professional sports superstars.


Speaking of celebrities, the biggest of them all are famous because they star in the biggest movies in the world. We’ll show you which films are gaining the most traction so you’ll know which movies to see when the weekend rolls around.


Sports Videos



If you’re an international sports fan, you’ll love Spoutly. We’ll provide you with the stories that go beyond just the night’s highlights and scores. You’ll get plenty of international soccer coverage including interviews, behind-the-scenes views, and commentary. There’s also coverage for special events like the World Cup and the Olympics.


Health, Wellness, and Food Videos



We have what’s good for your mind, body, and soul. These videos will touch on topics like cancer, obesity, depression, and more. If you ever need some tips or advice, seeking out a professional would be the ideal solution, but we’re here to teach you a thing or two so you’ll be more knowledgeable.


Free Phone Calls



Spoutly also lets friends and family members stay connected. We’re able to offer FREE calls to any landline or cell phone in the United States and Canada – from anywhere in the world! You could be calling your kids to find out what they’re up to, call your favorite restaurant to make a reservation, or even to call your parents just to say, “Hi.” You can do this all while never having to leave your desktop. How could anyone call this program a virus?


The app is designed to make things easier for you and everything that we provide is is meant to do one thing, and that’s to give your mind a break during the day. While you may feel it’s unnecessary to take breaks at work, some studies suggest otherwise.


Why Breaks Are Good For You


From a 2014 poll, 50% of full-time employed American adults work 40 hours or less a week. With an average workweek getting up to 47 hours, almost 25% of full-time employees log more than 60 hours. With numbers like these, it’s even more important to start taking breaks.


This particular study conducted at Baylor University by two associate professors of management, Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu, showed that there were benefits to taking frequent short breaks throughout the day.


A Mid-Morning Break Is The Best Break Time



Many people head into work and are able to work straight until they take their lunch break. What Hunter and Wu found was those who took a break in the morning had a bigger boost in energy levels, motivation and concentration.


Are There Such Things As “Better Breaks”?



There’s a myth out there that states that when you take a break, you shouldn’t do work-related activities because it’s not good for you. However, the results of the study found no proof of this. In fact, by taking a break and doing something you enjoy, even if that is work-related (just not the same task), it will be helpful for you.


It’s Good For Your Health



Those in the study that took an earlier break in the morning and did things they enjoyed while on their break, experienced less eyestrain, headaches, and lower back pain. Not only that, they felt more satisfied with their job and showed diminishing signs of emotional exhaustion, also known as burnout.


Wouldn’t you say it’s time you gave yourself a break?


Even with all the features that Spoutly provides, if you feel that our application is not working for you, we can assure you that you can uninstall Spoutly in no time.


In your mind, you may be thinking, “I CAN’T DELETE IT, IT’S A VIRUS!” Just like we mentioned earlier, Spoutly is not a virus. It doesn’t harm your computer in any way and you can definitely uninstall it.


So what happens when you try to uninstall? Do you get the following message?




If you see this message, it just means you’ll have to shut down Spoutly first.


Here are some easy to follow instructions to help you.


  1. Find the Spoutly icon beside your volume icon. Do you see it? It should be near the TIME and DATE.
  2. If it’s not there, click on the small triangle and it will open up additional icons.
  3. On the Spoutly icon, right-click it, then choose “Shutdown.”


Now you can uninstall without any trouble!